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Do you also keep your password less than 8 characters, then read this news, otherwise…


Short passwords are easy to remember but carry a lot of security risks. You often run the risk of losing access to your account when you choose an easy password for your convenience, but even easy passwords can be guessed without the need for technical skills.

Password is shorter than 8 characters, so change it now

Most of the people keep their birth date in their password because it is easy to remember. What they don’t understand is that by doing so they make it easier for hackers to hack into their email or social media accounts.

California-based cyber security company Hive has revealed in its latest report that it takes only seconds to crack a password longer than 8 characters.

We usually keep passwords that are easy to remember and when we are overly cautious about something, we choose a password that has a mix of upper case, lower case, special characters and numbers. But Hive has said in its report that even an average hacker can decode passwords that we find difficult to crack. The report states that any password which is devoid of any kind of complications can be hacked instantly without the need of high-end systems.

However, if the password is longer than 8 characters, and contains about 15 or more characters with a mix of upper case, lower case, special characters, and numbers, it may take more than a trillion years to crack.

According to a color chart prepared by Hive, passwords that contain only numbers and are of 18 characters take about nine months to crack, 23 million years if the password contains only lower case words, 61 Million years if it contains both upper and lower case and 100 trillion years if it includes numbers, uppercase, lowercase.

Thus, the only thing that comes out of this report is that we should never keep the password simple and should not keep it less. Also, if the password is longer than at least 8 characters, then it will be difficult to crack by hackers.

Also, if you use the same password on multiple sites or social media platforms, you are in danger. It is also important to have different passwords for different accounts, because if you use the same password across all your social media handles and if someone hacks it, there are chances that all your accounts will be hacked. can go.

For this reason, keep passwords with more mixed characters in all your social media accounts or email and bank accounts and note that everyone has different passwords.


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