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Do you also have this Nokia phone? 40 thousand will be available for selling online

New Delhi. With the passage of time, technology has also changed a lot. The mobile phone market has changed completely in a few years. Now the time has come that in a few days companies launch their new smartphones. But earlier this was not the case at all. Earlier companies used to wait for some time after launching a smartphone. The main reason behind this was select companies and very less demand.

Nokia’s name first comes to mind when we mention the old phone. Starting from Finland, this company had ruled the whole world in a few years. After ruling the mobile market for many years, Nokia suddenly got out. People’s needs and preferences changed. People shifted from feature phones to smartphones. But still some models of Nokia are priced in thousands of rupees.

Nokia 8110 was launched in 1996. It was a slider phone, whose demand was very high. The main reason behind its sale was its design. It was also called ‘Banana Phone’. Its keypad was completely covered. When the first glimpse of this phone was seen in the Hollywood film The Matrix, released in the year 1999, people went crazy. Today it has been many years for Nokia to discontinue this phone.

This phone is still for sale on eBay. box pack Nokia 8110 Can be bought from ebay and its price is $ 500 (about 40 thousand rupees). While the second hand device is selling for between $55 (4,280) to $200 (15,600). Let us tell you, eBay is delivering the phone only in the US. At present, there is no option to buy this phone in India.

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