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Do you also do online shopping? Beware of fake OTP scam

Do you also do online shopping? Beware of fake OTP scam

E-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart have introduced One Time Password (OTP) delivery verification process to fight online delivery frauds. In this process, customers are asked to check their delivery package and then share the OTP received on their phone with the delivery agents to confirm the receipt of the package. While OTP delivery became a safe way to stop online frauds on fake delivery, on the other hand it has given rise to another online fraud method of OTP package delivery scam.

fake otp scam

Scammers who are always looking for new ways to trap people are now posing as delivery agents to steal money from people. As per several reported cases, these scammers arrive at the doorstep posing as delivery agents and ask for OTP from people before delivery. Once a person shares the OTP, scammers can clone their phone or gain access to data such as bank accounts.

What is Fake OTP Delivery Scam

Scammers prey on people who make bulk purchases from e-commerce websites. They would keep track of people who frequently received delivery packages and then show up at their doorsteps pretending to be delivery agents. The scammers will say that they are from the biggest e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart or from the post office. Furthermore, they will ask for money saying that it is a pay-on delivery parcel. If the person declines to receive the delivery package, they will act as if they are canceling the delivery.

The scammer asks for an OTP to process the delivery or cancellation. And this is where they trick the person. People who are unaware give the OTP to the scammers or click on the link received on the phone and fall for the scam. Once the scammers get the OTP, they clone or hack the phone to access the bank account details and steal money from the victim’s account.

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Sometimes, these scammers contact the person’s neighbors and ask them to call the person and give the OTP or make the payment on their behalf. At that time people often do not take much tension about the situation and give OTP.



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