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Do these 5 things immediately when the motorcycle is stopped in rain water, the bike will never spoil

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Due to the rains during the monsoon season, there is heavy water logging at many places. In such a situation, you have thought that if your bike stops in the water on the road, then what should be done? This question is important because, during the rainy season, the bike often gets stuck in the water accumulated on the potholes or bad roads. In such a situation, a small mistake can cause huge damage to the electrical and mechanical parts of your bike. Today we are going to tell you about those 5 things, which are very important for you to keep in mind during the monsoon season. So let’s have a look…

Do not start the motorcycle immediately

If your motorcycle is submerged in water, the first thing you should do is not to start it. This is because rain water can get inside the engine along with the bike’s electric system, wheel bearings, exhaust, intake and brakes. In such a situation, if you start your bike during this time, then its electric system can be damaged. It is also important to understand here that rain water accumulated in roads or potholes becomes dirty. Mud or dirt can get inside the motorcycle’s system through water. In such a situation, the vehicle can be damaged in the event of starting the bike.

disconnect the bike battery

If your bike is submerged in rainwater, disconnect its battery immediately. With this, the electric system of your bike will be protected from rain water. Disconnecting the battery is also necessary because, at present, there have been many such hi-tech motorcycles, whose electric supply continues through the battery even after the engine is turned off. In this case, disconnecting the battery is the most correct and necessary step to prevent electric grounding.

remove spark plug

Apart from the battery, the spark plug should also be removed if water gets inside the bike. This is because water can damage spark plug threads. At the same time, if they are left for a long time, the soil present in the rain water can settle on them, after which it can be very difficult to remove them.

Remove water from inside the bike

Tilt it on both sides once the rain water gets inside the bike. However, motorcycles with higher cc tend to be heavier, due to which this process can prove to be quite difficult. At the same time, using the company’s given tool, you can open the panel cover of the bike yourself. However, do this only if you are fully aware of it.

Visit a Service Center or Mechanic

The best way is to take the bike to a service center or to a mechanic. In fact, older vehicles still use carburetors. In this way they can be easily saved. However, fuel-injected bikes require more care. This is because, in new hi-tech motorcycles, rainwater can easily damage the ECU and electric parts.

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