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Do not take substandard charger in the pursuit of saving money: keep these things in mind while buying a new one

Often people are careless while buying a charger. In order to save some money, people buy local charger, which later becomes a cause of big trouble. Using the wrong charger can also cause the battery to explode and cause damage. If you are also going to buy a new charger for your phone, then take special care of these things mentioned below.

Actually, we all know that the function of charger is to deliver electricity to the phone’s battery. Each charger comes with a watt rating, and more watts means the phone’s battery will charge faster. A charger’s wattage is a calculation of volts and amperes. Suppose the rating of your charger is 5V-3A, it means that your charger is of 15W. What are the things you should keep in mind before buying a charger for your smartphone, see the list below.

Here’s how to choose the right charger for your smartphone:

Battery Configuration
Charging a phone battery requires a combination of multiple circuits, type of charging port, cooling mechanism, current overflow protection, and correct battery configuration in addition to the charger. In such a situation, even if you charge the battery of a phone that supports 20W charging with 120W or 65W charger, you will not see any difference in its charging speed. This is because the company has designed the phone to support charging up to 20W.

phone The best charger to charge the phone is the one that the company provides in the retail box with the phone. If you are buying a phone that does not come with a charger, it is better to buy a charger of the same capacity that the company recommends. However, if you buy a local charger after the charger is damaged, then keep in mind that it should be from a good company. If you’re not particularly concerned with fast charging technology, you can charge almost any phone today with just about any charger.

If you have bought a smartphone in which the company does not provide a charger, then buy a charger of the same capacity that the company recommends. With this charger you will be able to charge the phone properly. If your charger is damaged or broken, then buy a charger from the same company or better company as the local charger does not charge properly and you may have to charge the phone again and again.

Fast Charging Technology
Fast charging technology can charge the phone’s battery quickly. But it also has some disadvantages. Fast charging increases the temperature of the battery and drains the battery life quickly. To overcome this problem, many companies are putting two batteries in the smartphone. Smartphones with two batteries include Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge, Xiaomi 11i, OnePlus 9 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

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