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Do not make insurance claim for small scratches in the car, it will cause huge loss.

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NCB is a benefit that the policy holder gets when they complete one year without making any insurance claim.

Car Insurance Tips: Car insurance claim is such a thing for which car users are always ready and immediately file a claim with the insurance company to compensate for the slightest damage caused to their car, but we can tell you with assurance that you will get 100% 99 times, car insurance claims are made in the wrong way and at the wrong time.

After this claim you might be feeling that we are giving you wrong information, but it is not so. To know about this claim in detail, you should read this news in detail, in which we will tell you how harmful it is to make a claim for small scratches and how it has a negative impact on your policy.

Misunderstanding regarding zero depreciation cover

Car users have a big misconception about zero depreciation cover that under this policy, if there is any damage to their car, everything will be repaired for free, but in reality this is not the case. Suppose there is a slight scratch or dent in your car, if you get it repaired under zero depreciation policy, then you will have to pay a processing fee of Rs 1100. Whereas you can get this dent or scratch repaired in the market by paying Rs 200 or 500.

Repeated claims are harmful

Under zero depreciation policy, car owners often file claims with the insurance company for every small and big damage. If you are also doing this then you are doing wrong, because filing claims repeatedly gives a wrong impression of you to the insurance company and the insurance company assumes that the car is being damaged habitually. In such a situation, strict scrutiny is done before passing the claim and many times the claim is not even passed.

Impact of car insurance claim on NCB

NCB is a benefit that the policy holder gets when he completes one year without making any insurance claim. This benefit is given in the form of discount on the on damage premium amount while renewing the policy in the subsequent year. If you understand in simple words, if you do not make a claim in your insurance policy, then NCB increases every year. As a result, the discount you get on premium adds up to a huge amount over a few years.

However, when the car suffers minor damages, such as damage to its window glass, scratches or dents etc., filing a claim may void the benefits offered under NCB. On the other hand, if you incur minor losses yourself and do not make any claims, it helps in paying less for future premiums.

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