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Do not make holi fun, keep car-bike safe like this, 5 tips will come in handy

Holi festival is near. People start celebrating this festival of colors many days in advance. Sometimes a car parked in our house or garage also gets painted in the color of Holi. It becomes very difficult to remove these colors. In such a situation, it would be better that you keep your vehicle ready for the festival of Holi. Here we are telling you about some simple tricks to do this. 

Use Vehicle Cover
If the parking space for your car/bike is closed, then you do not have to worry much. However, if you share your parking in an apartment complex or the vehicle is parked on the road, then using a vehicle cover would be a good decision. 

Wax Polish
Not only Holi, you can also use wax polish to protect the color of the car during the rest of the day. Wash your car thoroughly before waxing. You can also choose to have the vehicle Teflon coated. It is applied after polishing.

Save it from detergent
Many people use the detergent used at home to wash their car, which is wrong. Sometimes it also spoils the polish of the car. Always use car shampoo and water.

If the car has to be
driven on Holi, if you are planning to go somewhere on Holi, then it would be better to put polythene bags on the car’s steering, from the seats and headrest. Apart from this, you can also use an old towel or any other cloth. 

Keep Windows Closed 
If you are using a car on Holi, then it is better to keep all its windows closed. Many mischievous people suddenly attack with balloons. In this way your car will be saved from getting damaged from inside. Keep windows and doors closed even in a parked car.

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