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Do not ignore these important things while taking car insurance

Car Insurance Tips: If you are also going to buy insurance for your car, then you should know some important things first, otherwise you may also suffer a huge loss later.

Auto Tips in Hindi: If you drive a car, then you must be aware that car insurance How important it is to have, if there is no car insurance, even a hefty challan can be deducted. Today we will tell you that if you car insurance If you are going to buy, then what are the things that you should keep in mind first so that later on you will not become a mess of insurance.

Third party cover is necessary

It is necessary to have a third party motor insurance policy before driving on the road, with this insurance you get the benefit that if the car in front or any other vehicle gets damaged while driving, then this policy will protect you from this loss. helps in

Not only this, there is also a risk of getting a hefty challan for driving without a valid insurance policy, let us tell you that it is mandatory to have a third party cover of 3 years for buying a new car and a third party cover of 5 years for a two wheeler.

Must check IDV

Another important thing that you should keep in mind while buying Car Insurance is that which company is giving you the value of your vehicle. IDV is the amount that the insurance company pays or spends if your car is stolen or damaged.

Also, do check what add-ons you are getting with the insurance such as Zero Depreciation cover, consumable cover, roadside assistance, engine and tire protect cover, etc.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Just as third party insurance is essential, it is also advisable to take comprehensive motor insurance. Let us tell you that by purchasing this insurance policy, you protect your vehicle from any damage.

Choose the best for your vehicle

If you have gone to a showroom to buy a new car, the car dealer will inform you about the insurance premium at the time of purchase, but don’t go by what the dealer is offering. Before buying insurance, check the plans of different companies and see which company is offering you the best deal and which plan is best for you.


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