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Do not do this work even by forgetting on WhatsApp, you may be jailed

New Delhi, Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has become an important part of our lives. Be it office or anywhere else, it plays an important role in communication. It is the most used messaging app in the world with over two billion users. In today’s time almost everyone uses this app. Messaging app can be of great use to you, whether it is important for your office to work or something else. You can send text messages on it as well as do audio and video chats on it.

However, WhatsApp But some content is considered restricted. If you try to send this kind of content then you may also have to go to jail. Apart from this, the company blocks the account on reporting the post. To recover the account, you have to give clarification.

Do not share copyrighted content
According to a report by Gmedia, Sharing the copyrighted content of an original item to a group or to your friends may result in legal action. If someone comes to know about this and files a complaint, you may have to face legal consequences. Be careful otherwise you may have to suffer heavy losses.

adult content
Some people join WhatsApp groups and keep sending adult content to other users or groups, but do you know that if someone in the group complains about it, then you may have to face legal consequences. Sending such content to the group should be avoided.

terrorist activities
Sending any text or video related to terrorist activities in any WhatsApp group is an offense. The person sharing such content can be jailed because the government keeps an eye on such content for national security.

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