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Do not book a room at all with OYO Rooms! You will also be surprised to hear the new scandal; know how to escape

Do you also use OYO Rooms app to book hotel rooms? If yes then you need to be careful. Because such a scandal has happened in Noida, due to which you will be surprised. Four people have been arrested recently in Noida city of Uttar Pradesh for hiding cameras and recording intimate moments of couples living in OYO rooms. As per the preliminary investigation done by the police, these people then used to contact the couple and blackmail them to extort money. Such cases have come to the fore many times before. If you have booked hotel room online or through any app then we are going to tell you how you can find out whether camera is hidden in hotel room or not…

Pay attention to the hotel bulb

First of all you should look at the bulb carefully in the hotel room. Maybe there is a hole in the bulb. Many times we ignore things like bulbs after going to the hotel room. But this thing can record your every move.

this is also the right way

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If you have seen the CCTV cameras carefully, then the light burns even in the dark from it. In such a situation, turn off the bulb and watch carefully, if the light is blinking in it, then check it immediately. 

Third party apps will help

There are many such third party apps on the Play Store, which help in finding hidden camera. To download the app, you have to allow some permissions on the phone. But download only such an app if it has been verified or downloaded more times. Because not every app works right.

try phone call

CCTV cameras or hidden cameras generate radio frequency. In such a situation, where in doubt, call and try it. If there is a whistling sound or disturbance while calling, then check that place immediately. It is not necessary that only CCTV bulb is installed in the room. The camera may be hidden in a TV box, wall clock, tissue box, a cloth or even a desk plant.


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