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Disturbing news for mobile users! If you listen to this song then the sword of danger will hang


New Delhi. Today’s news can be very disturbing for Android smartphone users. According to some reports, now users may have to face a lot of problems in Android smartphones. It has been reported that there has been some issue in the security of the audio format of the phone, due to which about 67 percent of Android smartphones have come under security attack. This information has been given by the researchers of Check Point Research.

This is this year’s report. Researchers said that the same problem had occurred last year as well, which was later corrected. A patch was released for this. This patch did not mean that the threat was averted. Still many i.e. millions of Android phones are in the grip of this threat.

Not only this, the report also mentions that anyone can easily take advantage of the flaws of Android phones. Through this any scammer can send song to your phone. If the user plays this song, then the hacker can inject Malchis code into the user’s device. If this happens, then the access of the user’s device comes to the hacker.

Researchers at Check Point Research have discovered this flaw. To find out, he has used the Apple Lossless Audio Codec. According to the researchers at Check Point Research, when the flaws in the ALAC file were exploited, it was found that the device could be remote code execution attack. By doing this, the hacker can access the camera of the user’s phone. It can also infect the device with malware.

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