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Disadvantages of WiFi: Do you also keep WiFi on at night? These dangerous waves come out, harm to health

Side Effects of Keeping WiFi On at Night: Do you also sleep with WiFi on at night? If so, then change this habit of yours today itself. In this, such a dangerous wave emerges, which can cause great harm to your health. 

Disadvantages of keeping WiFi on at night: Internet usage has increased rapidly across the country due to the Corona epidemic. Many people now work from home, due to which they have installed Wi-Fi in their homes. This Wi-Fi system of theirs remains on all night even at night and its electromagnetic waves spread throughout the house. But do you know how much doing this is harming your health. Scientists have issued a big warning on this use of WiFi at night, which you should know. 

Dangerous waves coming out of the router

According to experts, many types of radiation waves emerge from the WiFi router. These waves are called electromagnetic waves. These waves have a very bad effect on health. Due to this, the problem of blood pressure, insomnia and depression is increasing in people. Excessive use of the Internet and the electromagnetic waves emanating from its router (Disadvantages of WiFi at night) also adversely affect sleep. Due to this, the problem of insomnia is also increasing in people. 

makes a person sick

Doctors say that the radiation waves emanating from Disadvantages of WiFi at night make people mentally ill as well. Due to this, the problem of Alzheimer’s also starts to flourish in them. Not only this, due to excessive use of internet, people’s ability to remember has a bad effect, due to which they start forgetting even small things. 

turn off wifi at night

IT experts say that to avoid radiation, WiFi (Disadvantages of WiFi at night) should be turned off at night. By doing this, not only can you save yourself from the side effects of electromagnetic waves, but electricity can also be saved. With this remedy, one gets good sleep at night and many diseases are also prevented.


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