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“Digital twin” of the Earth will help predict natural disasters

Scientists from the Italian National Research Council are creating a complete digital copy of our planet. A “digital twin” of the Earth will help the initiative’s authors predict natural disasters before they actually happen. The project is funded by the European Space Agency.


In fact, we are talking about creating a full-fledged digital copy of our planet, containing information about evaporation, soil moisture, precipitation, snow depth, earthquakes and a number of other parameters comparable to real data. 

To create a virtual model of the planet, employees of the National Research Council used a huge array of geodata obtained from satellites. A digital version of the Earth can be subjected to virtual destruction tests without causing any actual damage. Scientists will model scenarios for the development of various events, monitor risks and assess the development of dangerous conditions before they occur.

First, scientists will work on recreating the Po Valley, located in northern Italy. Later it is planned to introduce similar models for other parts of Europe, and then for other continents. The authors of the project intend to use AI to analyze and interpret simulated data. Such information is especially important for sustainable development and the protection of vulnerable populations.


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