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Didn’t you send ‘this’ WhatsApp message? The air of the prison will have to be eaten; See details

New Delhi: Instant Messaging app The number of WhatsApp users is huge. Around the world Smartphone Every user who has WhatsApp Uses. Currently, the use of WhatsApp for chatting is not limited. With this app you can share important photos, videos and files along with voice calling and video calling. WhatsApp’s interface is very simple compared to other messaging apps, so many users prefer to use this app. However, a mistake made on WhatsApp can cost you dearly. This can make you feel like a prisoner.

A mistake on WhatsApp will cost you dearly

How to jail for using WhatsApp? You may have had such a question. So one wrong message can lead to another. We communicate with many people through WhatsApp. Also, we are connected to many groups. There are many groups that include strangers. So before sending any message, photo or video to such group, you should think. Because, if you send an offensive message, you may have to go round the police station. WhatsApp is strict about your policy. Therefore, strict action is taken against any user who violates the rules. The account is also banned by the company.

A message will cause jail

If you belong to any group, that group may have people of different ideologies and religions. So a message or photo-video you send can hurt the feelings of others. Avoid sharing racist, hateful content on WhatsApp. If a person objects to a message you share, you may file a complaint with the police. Also, the sender of the message and the group admin can be called to the police station. If convicted, you could end up in jail. So think twice before sending any message on WhatsApp. Don’t send obscene content, violent messages, anti-national information, defamatory messages on WhatsApp. Otherwise action may be taken against you.

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