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Did not have time. USA postponed the terms of rearmament with new missiles

The original plan was to start work on the project in 2022. Thus, three ships with hypersonic missiles were planned to be transferred to the fleet in 2025 fiscal year.

However, the budget request of the US Navy reports the postponement of the start of work. This means that the rearmament of ships will begin only in 2024, and at the end of 2025, the American fleet may receive the first Zumwalt with hypersonic missiles.

Each ship will receive 12 launchers to launch Intermediate-Range Conventional Prompt Strike hypersonic missiles. These missiles are considered an analogue of the Long Range Hypersonic Weapon “Dark Eagle”.

The missiles will replace the 155 caliber artillery mounts. After being refitted, the Zumwalt destroyers will be combined into an experimental US Navy unit called Surface Developmental Squadron One.

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