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Did humans litter Mars and flee to Earth? Scientists’ opinion

Disputes of researchers about the origin of life on Mars began after they found traces of water, microorganisms, climate change, as well as chemicals that are required for the functioning of terrestrial organisms (sulfur, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon, etc.) … These facts gave rise to the concept of the existence and appearance of life on the Red Planet.

A number of scientists believe that the first living things appeared on Mars. And microorganisms got to the Earth through meteorites that fell from this planet. Indeed: Martian meteorites have been found in different regions of our planet, as evidenced by data from the International Association of Meteorite Collectors. That is, about 160 meteorite particles could get to the Earth from the Red Planet.

And there is also a theory that people first lived on Mars, and then, when they destroyed this planet, they moved to Earth. This assumption may turn out to be true. However, scientific works show that it was not people who migrated to Earth from Mars, but microorganisms.

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