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Did America take aliens captive and steal their technology? Know about the former engineer’s claim and ‘Area 51’

People all over the world have their own opinion about the existence of aliens. But there are some claims that force one to rely on the presence of aliens. There are such hotspot areas in America, where common people are forbidden to go. A former engineer who claimed to work in one such ‘hotspot Area 51’ believed that America was holding aliens captive. Bill Youhouse worked at a secret military base in America. He claimed that there was actually a presence of aliens at that site. Bill Youhouse is considered an expert in aliens activities and he knew a lot more about the ‘Hotspot 51’ area than others. Bill is no longer in this world, but his claim still reveals the existence of aliens.

Daily Star Key Report According to the report, Youhouse spoke on several occasions about his time spent at the US military base. Reports suggest that he and his fellow engineers were working on the dismantling of alien technology. They were being made to steal the technology of aliens. It is claimed that the team of American engineers was working with aliens on technology. It is claimed that America used to monitor aliens and get them to work. Youhouse also claimed that the place of work was very secret and that any peace agreement was also signed between the US and the United Nations.

This claim related to aliens and America also seems to have merit, because recently an expert had said that aliens live on our earth. He is living under the sea and has always lived on the earth. Anna Whitty, author of UFO’s: A Fundamental Truth, believes that aliens are really just humans, but in a much more advanced form than us. Anna has made this claim on the basis of an incident in the year 1947.

The reason for Anna’s claims is the testimony of Dr. Shirley Wright. Shirley Wright was a former colleague of renowned scientist Albert Einstein. He claimed to have interviewed one of the aliens killed in the Roswell crash in 1947. Shirley Wright claimed that during the interview, the aliens had answered all the questions, as well as asked them how far humans had been discovered in the sea. The same incident has been presented in a documentary.

In a conversation with the Daily Star, Anna has said that she feels that aliens have always been living here. He said that if Shirley’s statement is true and she also believes it to be true, then it is likely that the aliens did not come from some other planet, but they came from the sea or from the caves and lived there.

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