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DGCA took this decision in favor of Divyang! Now airlines will not be able to stop you from boarding the plane

DGCA New Rules For Handicapped: Aviation regulator DGCA has taken a big decision for the convenience of disabled passengers. Now airlines will not be able to stop disabled passengers from boarding the flight. If she does this, then it has become necessary for her to consult the doctor present at the airport. The passenger can be stopped from boarding the flight only after the approval of the doctor.

Taking this decision on Friday, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said that now airlines companies will not be able to take off disabled passengers from the plane without any reason. They must have a valid reason for doing so. Along with this, taking such a decision, they will have to inform the passenger about this.

Changes made in boarding rules for disabled people
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, taking a big decision in the rights of the disabled, made it clear that now the disabled will not be stopped from boarding the flight. Airlines must have some valid reason for doing so. Now airlines companies cannot refuse to board the flight just because of the low speed of the passengers.

Will have to consult doctor
In its new guidelines, the DGCA said that if the matter is related to the health of a passenger, then the airlines can stop him from boarding the flight in view of his health, but the airlines should have the written approval of the doctor to do so. If the disabled person is not found fit for the flight, then in such a situation the airlines can stop the flight from boarding. Along with this, the company will also have to give information in writing to the passenger before stopping the boarding.

Indigo prevented Divyang from boarding
On 7 May, Indigo Airlines stopped a disabled boy from boarding the flight at Ranchi Airport. After this, the DGCA, taking cognizance of this matter, imposed a fine of Rs 5 lakh on IndiGo. After this, IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta regretted the matter and offered to buy an electric wheelchair for the boy. To stop such cases, Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia had talked about taking necessary steps to stop such cases.

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