Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Devices without batteries, powered by “air”. Oppo intends to promote solutions that receive energy from radio waves

Oppo has published a white paper describing the principles and plans for what it calls a zero-power communication system.

Direct translation can be confusing, but in fact the essence is quite simple and not new. We are talking about devices without a battery, which are powered from external sources. For example, by converting a Wi-Fi signal or some other radio frequency signal.

So far, Oppo is talking primarily about low-power solutions in the Internet of Things segment. First of all, these are various sensors and other similar devices. For example, Samsung recently showed a new remote control for TVs that can be powered by a solar panel or by converting a Wi-Fi signal.

Oppo has already tested the technology and will start promoting the related communication protocol in the future.


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