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Developers of the domestic version of the Android OS cannot agree among themselves

The project of a domestic modification of the Android mobile OS, which is currently being developed by Russian companies, will soon be presented to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. How informs Kommersant, the most interested party is VK, Yandex and Sber also take part in the project. However, each company has its own view of the project, and they are very different from each other.

Since the beginning of 2023, two meetings have already been held on the topic of the domestic fork of Android, where representatives of VK, Yandex, Sberbank, Rostelecom and the Open Mobile Platforms controlled by it (developing the Aurora OS), Russian manufacturers of consumer electronics (” Aquarius, F+ tech and others), as well as developers of other Russian operating systems: Kaspersky Lab (KasperskyOS), Astra Group (Astra Linux), Basalt SPO (Alt Linux), STC IT ROSA (ROSA OS) and “Red Soft” (“Red OS”).

Nothing has been said about the essence of the meetings yet, but it is already known that market participants insist on full state support for development in order to compete with the original version of Android. The project itself has not yet been documented, the list of development participants is unknown, and there is no name for the new OS.

In technical terms, the new OS should be a fork of Android without Google services. Instead, they plan to use domestic counterparts. The core Android code is distributed under a free license under AOSP, and the components of Google Mobile Services are closed. They are planning to replace them.

Note that Huawei has Harmony OS. But this is perhaps the only relatively successful project of its kind so far. MeeGo, Sailfish, Tizen, Nokia X Platform, PureOS, Plasma Mobile and other systems have remained niche solutions that are no longer used or supported by enthusiasts.

The source notes that it is still difficult to estimate how long it will take to create “Russian Android”. The same Harmony OS began to be created in 2016, and the first devices came out a few years later. Huawei spent tens of millions of dollars on the project, and 200 million on promotion. At the same time, the Chinese giant attracted developers from all over the world.


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