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Details of canceled STALKER games for PSP and Xbox 360 have surfaced online

For a long time, the STALKER console port was a joke, but it really happened. Well, it turns out that GSC has been planning to bring its shooters to consoles for a long time – and even planned separate games for the Xbox 360 and PSP.


Details of the canceled developments appeared on Reddit with all the accompanying evidence such as screenshots, concepts and design documents. So, a separate game for the Xbox 360 was planned even before the release of the console – it was also a first-person shooter. There were two ideas for the plot: the player became a fanatic from Monolith or an anarchist from Liberty. However, things didn’t go further than an idea and a couple of design documents.

A full-fledged game for PSP looks much more interesting. It was supposed to be a third-person action game. This idea came to the developers around 2005 – to create something like a portable analogue of “Shadow of Chernobyl”. Unlike the original project, the game was planned to be completely linear. Several screenshots were even uploaded to the network, and GSC moved further in creation than with the project for the Xbox 360: the studio established contact with Sony, but already in 2006 the project was abandoned because the authors had no experience creating portable console projects.


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