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Details about paid WhatsApp: up to 10 linked devices in one account

WhatsApp has only recently received proper multi-device support, although the feature has been available on Telegram for several years now. While you could chat on multiple devices using the same account, everything was still tied to your phone. Luckily, the app has recently changed that by unlinking other registered devices and allowing you to access WhatsApp even if your phone is down or no signal. While the current implementation supports up to four connected devices, the new subscription offering could allow even more.

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new plan for business accounts with the aim of offering subscribers several additional features. One will support up to 10 linked devices per account, more than double the current limit and allowing more people in the business to use the same official contact to communicate with customers.

It’s possible that this upcoming subscription could include other additions beyond the new 10 device limit, but there’s no word yet. More features for WhatsApp Business for Android and iOS will be announced later.

Even if WhatsApp is working on a paid subscription, this does not mean that you have to pay to use WhatsApp. Nothing will change for regular users and the app will be free. The subscription is optional and offers additional services for business accounts, just like Twitter Blue for Twitter.

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