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Despite having AC in the house, you don’t get cold air, you don’t feel cold, follow these 4 tips

New Delhi: AC Tips: Right now the heat is on. So many people at home AC Is installed. However, if you do not get cool air in your home despite having AC, here are some tips. Here are four tips if you are using window AC or split AC at home and you are not getting cool air like you like. With the help of these tips you can get cool cool cool air. Here are some important tips for how your AC is, as well as how cool the air is. Learn the details. Follow the tips below.

Cooling mode
You need to keep in mind the mode of operation of your AC. It can be started in many modes with Cool, Dry, Hot, Fan. If you want good cooling, your AC should be in cool mode. Only then can you get cool air.

Every electric device in the house needs to be kept clean. If you are not doing AC service from time to time, you should do it. AC filters, in particular, deteriorate quickly. If you do not clean the AC from time to time, you will not get good cooling.

Close the window-doors
If the house needs more cooling, check once the doors and windows of the house are closed properly. If even a little air is blown, your room will not get cold. Therefore, windows and doors should be packed to keep the air in your room high for maximum cooling.

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Room size
If you are using 1 ton AC, your room size should be 100 square feet. Only then can your room cool down. If your room is 150 square feet, you will need 1.5 tons of AC. If your room is 200 square feet, you will need 2 ton capacity AC. The more people in the room, the less AC there will be.


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