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Despite being an iPhone user, you do not know these special tricks, so today you have a chance


  • Every iPhone user should know these tricks
  • The experience of running a smartphone is better
  • Users’ work becomes easy

New Delhi. if you iphone If you are a user then this is very important news for you. American tech giant Apple has recently given information about 10 iPhone tips and tricks. Most of the people are probably not aware of these tips and tricks. These are very useful tips which can be very useful for you. The company wants to make its users more and more aware about the iPhone through these tips.

Scan Documents Using Notes App

The Notes app on the iPhone allows you to scan documents directly. For this, you have to tap on the camera button and select Scan documents. Now you have to place the camera over the documents and scan the documents. After the document is scanned, tap on Save.

Pin share content to messages

Apple Has added the PIN feature to Messages with the iOS 15 update. Through this feature, you can pin a web link and message, so that it can be placed on top. This makes it easy to find it when needed. If you want to pin anything, just open the message thread and tap on the received message or link and select PIN from the popup menu.

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Make the home screen more useful with Smart Stacks

You can create a widget stack of up to 10 widgets using the Smart Stacks feature. This feature was introduced with iOS 14 that allows users to stack up to 10 widgets on top of each other. It is smart because it works based on the time of day and how users use their phones. Like the music app at the top showing when you’re working out and calendar appointments at the start of the day. For this, you have to first enter ‘Edit’ mode, then press and hold an empty space on your home screen. Drag one widget over another to create a stack. Once the stack is ready, you can drag more widgets onto the stack to add. When it’s done, tap Done in the top right and corner.

Select multiple photos to add to other apps

Through this photo trick, you can quickly save photos from web pages to compatible apps. For this you have to select a photo with one finger and drag it. Then tap on other photos to add them to the stack. Once that’s done, all you have to do is navigate to a compatible app and drop them there.

Create Text Replacement to Type Messages Faster

If you use more than one phrase while texting. You can create an automatic text replacement to include that phrase by just typing a word. To add text replacement, go to Settings, then to General, then to Keyboard and to Text Replacement. Now tap on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner and enter the phrase you want to replace with a word and then enter the word in the next column.

Copy and paste text and other details from the photo

The Live Text feature in iOS 15 lets users interact with text through the default Camera app. When the camera app scans an image, it gives users the option to interact with the text. For this, you have to open the camera app and then place it on a document or something from which you want to copy text. After that you have to tap on the scan document icon in the bottom right corner. When the text appears on the screen, after that you can select, copy and paste the text from there.

Go to first photo in gallery or view search result without scrolling up

To see photos in gallery iPhone Tap on the top of the screen. This will automatically scroll to the top of the first photo or search result. Whereas, to go back to the most recent, that is, the recent photo, tap on the section icon in which you are present.

Search in home screen and lock screen

All you have to do is swipe down on the home screen and lock screen to access the search bar. This feature has come in iOS 15. You have to type in the query which you want to search. Here you can also search the app or the web.

Access camera from lock screen

This feature has been in the iPhone for a long time. To access the camera from the lock screen, simply swipe left on the lock screen.



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