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Desperate asteroid to wreak havoc with ‘stormy’ speed of 42275km! Coming close to Earth today, Nasa warns

An asteroid has attracted the attention of our scientists. The name of the asteroid is-(2023 FS11). This asteroid as big as an airplane is going to pass close to our planet today. When the 82 feet asteroid 2023 FS11 comes close to our Earth, the distance between the two will be reduced to 6,610,000 km. This distance may seem like a lot to you, but nothing compared to the vastness of space. That is why scientists are keeping an eye on this asteroid and have included it in the category of ‘potentially dangerous’.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory told It is said that Asteroid 2023 FS11 will pass close to the Earth today i.e. on 3 April. According to information, it is moving at a hurricane speed of 42275 kilometers per hour. Although this asteroid is not expected to hit the Earth, scientists will continue to monitor it until it passes far away from our planet.

Earth’s history has included many incidents of asteroid collisions, which have harmed life on our planet. Scientists have believed that millions of years ago, dinosaurs were wiped out from the earth due to the destruction caused by an asteroid collision. This is the reason why scientists keep an eye on asteroids and monitor whatever passes near the Earth.

The American space agency NASA is working on finding a definite solution to asteroids. Last year he tested the DART mission. Under this, a spacecraft was hit by an asteroid, so that the orbit of the asteroid could be changed. As per the information so far, NASA has been successful in its mission. Experts believe that if an asteroid becomes a threat to the Earth in future, it can also be stopped like the DART mission.

Talk about asteroids, then NASA According, They are also called minor planets. Just as all the planets of our solar system revolve around the Sun, similarly the asteroids also revolve around the Sun. Asteroids are rocky remnants left over from the early formation of our Solar System about 4.6 billion years ago. Scientists have so far detected 11 lakh 13 thousand 527 asteroids.


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