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Designer clothing allows you to change its design in real time

Employees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, together with the clothing company Ministry of Supply, presented 4D Knit Dress technology. With its help, you can create custom-tailored clothes right in the store.

Clothing 3d printing

We are talking about a new type of clothing that can be compressed to the desired size depending on the needs of customers. The authors of the development use a special active yarn with fibers that are shortened under the influence of high temperatures. The clothes are made entirely using 3D printing technology.

Before purchase, a “raw” sample is placed on a mannequin. The next step is a special manipulator that heats the clothing in specific areas, allowing the fabric to shrink by the required amount. The technology allows you to create additional elements on the fabric such as pintucks, pleats or a cinched waist. It is noted that washing such clothes in hot water does not spoil the yarn. In addition, the buyer can return the purchased outfit to the store and have it modified. 

Clothing 3d printing

The technology will also make it possible to adjust the size chart of individual types of clothing. For example, if a retailer is out of stock of a particular size. This method will also reduce the amount of fabric thrown into waste in the textile industry.


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