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Demand for electric vehicles will increase manifold, by 2030, the share of EVs in total vehicles will be this much

Electric Vehicles: Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers expect the demand for EVs to grow manifold in the times to come with increasing consumer awareness about eco-friendly vehicles and government support. Ahead of World Electric Vehicle Day, EV manufacturers expressed the need to offer better performing EV vehicles to meet the increasing demand and meet the needs of the customers.

At present, the proportion of electric vehicles in the total vehicles in the country is only one percent, but by the year 2030, it is expected to increase to about 30 percent. Electric vehicle equipment manufacturers and battery replacement companies are also confident about increasing EVs in the Indian transportation landscape. Experts believe that a strong charging infrastructure can play an important role in increasing the use of EVs in the country. The strengthening of the charging infrastructure is expected to go a long way in increasing the use of EVs.

kia india
Mung-sik Son, Chief Sales Officer, Kia India said in the statement, India will see strong demand for EVs in the coming times. This is because consumers are now becoming aware of eco-friendly vehicles and the government is also providing basic support for the adoption of EVs.”

Ather Energy
Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ather Energy said that the process of transition to sustainable mode of transport has begun, which is being led by electric two-wheelers. He said that EVs have emerged as the biggest hope towards making the world free from carbon-pollution.

Tushar Choudhary, Founder and CEO, Motovolt, believes that electric vehicles are increasingly seen as a sustainable solution for transportation in major cities across the world. He also spoke about the need to prepare alternatives like electric buses, cars, small vehicles and two wheelers along with trains.

Mahindra Electric Mobility
Suman Mishra, CEO, Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited said that his company is committed to promote zero-emission vehicles.

what the experts have to say
Experts from ‘The Energy and Resources Institute’ (TERI) and ‘International Council for Clean Transportation’ (ICCT) lauded the plan to set up 18,000 new charging stations in Delhi by the year 2024 and said that other states should also take action in this direction. needs to be shown. IV Rao, Senior Visiting Fellow, TERI, said, “Setting up of a separate EV cell to streamline decision-making and help private companies set up EV-related businesses in Electric Vehicles at the urban and state level. could prove to be an effective way of increasing the rate of adoption.”

ICCT India Amit Bhatt, Managing Director (India) of EV said, “Developing robust charging infrastructure will be very important to promote EVs. The Delhi government’s announcement of working on a plan to set up 18,000 new charging stations in Delhi by 2024 is in this direction. A great step. There is a need to work on such strategy by other states also.”

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