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Delete these top 5 Android Apps today or else the account will be empty

New Delhi. How many such apps are available on Google Play Store which are a big threat to both your data and money. Although Google has tightened its security, but still many malware-affected apps are found on the Google Play Store. Today we are giving you information about 5 such Android apps that steal user’s credentials, account numbers and financial information. They have recently been found through cyber security company Threat Fabric. It can steal all your money.

Delete these dangerous apps today:
If you have any one of the above five apps in your phone then you have to delete it today. These apps steal your personal information as well as banking details. The virus present in these apps makes an exact copy of your bank app. If you download it and enter your ID password in it, then your information goes directly to the hacker. By taking information about your card number, PIN, etc., a hacker can empty your entire account.

If this kind of financial fraud has happened to you, then you should complain about it to the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal ie But can.

In October 2022, a report on Online Frauds for the Year 2021 was released according to which, in 2021, Telangana state of India had the highest number of online banking related frauds as compared to the rest of the country. Of these, more than two thousand cases were registered. In 2021, more than four thousand cases of internet banking fraud were registered in the country.

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