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Delete these 4 apps from Android Phone, the phone will be hacked

New Delhi. This news can surprise Android users a little or say that it can even scare. Because Joker malware is back on the Google Play Store. Along with this, many people are also downloading it due to lack of information. Many people do not even know how dangerous this malware is. It was first revealed in 2017 and cybercriminals use it to hijack the phones of Android users.

Cyber ​​security researchers have already warned about the Joker malware. Trojan Spyware itself allows hackers to hack the mobile of the victims and later many dangerous malware is installed in the mobile phone. As the malware is back, it has previously been found in several apps on the Google Play Store. The thing to worry about this time is that 10 thousand combines can be downloaded with it.

Cybersecurity research firm Pradeo found that Joker malware is currently present in only three apps available on the Google Play Store. These apps are Smart Messages, Blood Pressure Monitor, Voice Languages ​​Translator and Quick Text SMS. That is, downloading this app means that malware will be installed in your phone.

As soon as the research team came to know about this, they informed the Google team about this. Google has removed such apps from the Play Store as soon as the information is received. But the matter of concern is that even before removing them, about 1 lakh people had downloaded them. This means that the users who have downloaded are stuck in this problem. Initially it does SMS Link Fraud, but after some time it completely hacks the victim’s mobile and the victim is not even aware of it.

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