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Delete these 35 dangerous apps from your phone without delay, account will be empty in a minute

New Delhi: 35 dangerous apps: Android apps are in the news recently due to their security. Last month, Google removed four apps from the Play Store. It contains malware. Now another news has come out that malware has been found in 35 apps available in Google Play Store. It has also been said that these apps are also stealing money from users. If any of these apps are installed in your mobile, delete them immediately or you will regret it. Google Play Store has received 35 new Android applications, according to a blog post with cybersecurity firm BitDefender. Which has been downloaded by more than 2 million people in total. These apps hide their identity by changing names and icons.

35 Android apps contain malware. They were stealing money from users. These apps show targeted ads to users instead of taking them inside the app. If that user clicks on it, the malware is instantly installed on the device. These apps show real ads. Which can monetize itself on play store. Users don’t know about these apps. So many people easily get trapped in this network of hackers. Once again the malware steals all the sensitive data and money after installing it on the device. Know about these 35 apps.

1. Wallpapers PackBig Emoji
2. Keyboard
3. 100KGrad Wallpapers
4. 3D BackdropsEngine Wallpapers
5. Live & 3D Stock Wallpapers
6. 4K & HDEffectMania
7. Photo EditorArt Filter
8. Deep PhotoeffectFast Emoji
9. Keyboard Create Sticker for WhatsappMath Solver
10. Camera HelperPhotopix Effects
11. Art FilterLed Theme
12. Colorful KeyboardKeyboard
13. Fun Emoji
14. StickerSmart WifiMy GPS Location
15. Image Warp Camera
16. Art Girls Wallpaper
17. HDCat SimulatorSmart
18. QR CreatorColorize
19. Old Photo
20. GPS Location Finder
21. Girls Art Wallpaper
22. Smart QR Scanner
23. GPS Location Maps
24. Volume Control Secret
25. Horoscope
26. Smart GPS Location
27. Animated Stickers
28. MasterPersonality
29. Charging Show
30. Sleep Sounds
31. QR Creator
32. Media Volume Slider
33. Secret Astrology
34. Colorize Photos Phi 4K
35. Wallpaper Anime HD

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