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Degraded moral

The recent Buta Singh episode of great political bribery, exposes the high profile corruption system in Indian subcontinent. The more shameful is the involvement of his son Sarbojit Singh for allegedly demanding one crore rupees from a Nasik – based contractor Rama Rao Patil & caught red- handed while accepting it. Another case of accepting bribe through wife of an ex-chief minister of Himachal is just surfacing and under scrutiny now.

Hence, it seems that the high profile people have become highly intelligent to accept bribes through their kith & kin : so that they can avoid the complicacies & can be sparred from hawk eyes. If we radar upon the top political leaders, bureaucrats & high end administrators, police personnel & even some defence people, we find that the corrupt practice has become a family business. Even some smugglers use small children & women of their family to easily smuggle products & narcotics keeping the checking agencies at frisking bay.  This is enough to understand, how our moral has been degraded to grab money, material & merry of achieving power.

The  ‘Father of Nation’ Mahatma Gandhi, must be under tremendous pain & planning to come down to earth once again by hearing that Buta Singh would rather end life than resign from the coveted post of chairmanship of National Commission of Schedule Caste (NCSC). Gone are the days when even a mere complain of corruption compelled the high profile people to resign on their own & stay away till they prove their integrity.

Though CBI is doing a bit to teach lessons to some family based corrupt people, still many cases either go undetected or they step out by taking loose ends of our system. So enough is enough, when we have experienced time & again that, these high profile people have lost their moral & descended to low end of humanity, now we cannot leave them upto their fancies and whims. Instead of depending upon the faulty Indian system; we, as responsible citizens, must come forward & expose those morally degraded demons & put blanket ban on them to become a part of civil society.

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