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Decathlon introduced e-bike with 100 km range, weight is only 14 kg and amazing features

Decathlon has introduced the new e-bike Van Rysel E-EDR AF. This model becomes the first ultra-lightweight electric road bike with the new addition to the e-bike lineup. Weighing only 14 kg, E-EDR AF strikes with a combination of power and lightweight. This is not usually seen in electric bikes at this price. Here we are telling you in detail about Van Rysel E-EDR AF.

Decathlon Van Rysel E-EDR AF Price

If we talk about price Decathlon Van Rysel E-EDR AF is priced at $3,059 USD (approximately Rs 2,54,378). Due to this price, customers can buy E-EDR AF without spoiling the budget, it will prove to be an affordable model for cycle lovers among the expensive options available in the market.

Specifications of Decathlon Van Rysel E-EDR AF

The Van Rysel E-EDR AF features a compact Mahle X35 motor that is powered by a 250-watt-hour battery. The battery is carefully fitted into the frame. Thanks to this setup, the bike offers an impressive range of about 62 miles (about 100 kilometers) on a single charge, although this will vary depending on individual riding conditions.

This e-bike has premium features like carbon fork, hydraulic disc brake and an intuitive control unit. The e-EDR AF features a Sram Apex AXS electronic drivetrain with 12 gears. It offers quick, responsive shifting and streamlined looks with a wireless design. The bike is equipped with aluminum and carefully selected components, due to which the e-EDR AF competes with normal e-bikes with electric power. A bike with technology and design that looks like a standard road bike.


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