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“Dear Elon Musk, I wish you to build your Tesla in 2022 and fly it to Mars.” Yandex adapted the neural network to draw New Year’s cards

The Yandex team announced the launch of a new useful feature of the Balaboba service. Just in time for the New Year, the developers taught “Balabobu»Draw and sign beautiful New Year’s cards.

Anyone can test the service. To create a postcard, it is enough to indicate the name of the recipient and the general theme of the greeting, but the latter is optional. The developers emphasize the testability of the function:

If in response the neural network writes something stupid, please do not be upset, but just try again. ”

For example, at the request “Faith of cats is happiness”, the following congratulation is issued: “Dear Vera, may the same fluffy cat happen to you in the New Year, as in this congratulation”, and “Ilya coffee” – “Beloved Ilya, let in 2022 instead of you will be little Ilyusha, who will be able to pour himself coffee into a mug ”.

The iPhone query gives the following result: “Happy New Year 2022, dear colleague. May in the new year you have a new phone that will be very similar to your favorite tablet “, Yandex -” In 2027 I wish you to celebrate the New Year at Yandex, find a large slice of pizza on your computer and do nothing else “, – “Dear ixbt, I wish you in the new year to become big and fluffy, like a cat, and so that no one touches you!”, “Elon Musk” – “Dear Elon, I wish you in 2022 to build your Tesla and fly her to Mars. “

These greetings are accompanied by galleries of winter landscapes generated by a neural network with animation and tools for sending postcards in social networks – VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

Balaboba was presented to the public in the summer of 2021. The service is based on a language model from the YaLM family (Yet another Language Model), which helps to memorize the rules of the language, choose suitable words and link them according to meaning.


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