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“Dealers in their repertoire.” Lada Granta Classic 2022 is already on sale for 120,000 rubles more than the RRP

About a month ago, the Russian automotive giant AvtoVAZ announced the start of official sales of the Lada Granta Classic 2022 anti-crisis car, which is positioned as the most affordable car on the Russian market.

The recommended price for the Lada Granta Classic sedan, according to the manufacturer, is 103,200 rubles less than the cost of the Granta Classic of the previous model year. The officially recommended retail price of Lada Granta Classic 2022 starts at 658,300 rubles.

Nevertheless, dealers continue to jack up prices, as they did before the start of the special military operation. Avtograd news reports that in one of the salons the price of the base model is 781,900 rubles.

Dealers in their repertoire, without a twinge of conscience, immediately threw a hundred from above, an anti-crisis option. The RRC has already set a margin, and the discount is applied to advance payments for purchased cars from the plant.

The person leading the public Avtograd news lives in Tolyatti and works for AvtoVAZ, so he almost always publishes accurate information.

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