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Data Theft: This is how your data is stolen, do this today to save yourself



It is a big challenge to avoid the evil eye of hackers because this is the era of digitization. You must be using social media platforms and third party apps, but every day the news of users’ data being leaked from some app scares us all. We are also afraid that whether our turn is next…?

If you also have this kind of fear then it is important for you to know how hackers steal your data. Apart from this, what things should be kept in mind to keep data safe from hackers?

Data Theft: This is how your data is stolen

Hackers use tempting offers to cheat or steal data. After listening to these offers, people are unable to stop themselves and end up clicking on unknown links.

People easily fall into the trap of hackers with just one click, this link may contain malware or say virus which can steal important information like your banking details. Or by clicking on the link, access to your phone can also go directly into the hands of hackers.

Be careful while using a public computer, the virus present in the system can steal your data. Do not make the mistake of leaving personal details on a public computer.

Due to the app not being available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, people download APK files through third party platforms and then install the app on their phones through this file. But doing this can be dangerous, because the malware hidden in the file can break into your data.

How to avoid data theft?

  • With a little understanding, you can protect yourself from hackers, but for this you will always have to be on alert mode. If you have received an email from an unknown person which also has an attachment, then do not make the mistake of clicking on any such attachment. Your data can be stolen through malware in the attachment
  • Do not visit any site that is not secure.
  • Do not make the mistake of downloading software or apps by clicking on any unknown link.
  • Use two factor authentication, there are many sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, X (Twitter) and Gmail which offer the facility of two factor authentication keeping in mind the safety and privacy of the users. Whatever app you use, go to the settings of that app and turn on two step authentication.
  • If you want to protect your data from hackers, then install antivirus and viruswall on your device and always keep them updated.

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