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DART mission: Asteroid debris spread for 10 thousand kilometers due to the collision of NASA’s spacecraft, see photo

How successful was the American space agency NASA’s DART mission, it is being estimated. A new and surprising image shows that when the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft collided with the Dimorphos asteroid, debris from Dimorphos spread for thousands of miles. The picture shows that the debris clung together and spread out into space in the shape of a tail. It should be noted that on 26 September the DART spacecraft intentionally crashed in Dimorphos.

Dimorphos is a small asteroid satellite that was discovered in the year 2003. It is a moon of the asteroid Didymos. Dimorphos does not pose any threat to the Earth, but its kinetic impact technique was tested for the first time in the world. By doing this, scientists want to test that when an asteroid will come towards the earth in the future, with the help of this technique, its direction can be changed.

of Report According to reports, this image of Dimorphos after the spacecraft collided with an asteroid has been imaged by astronomers Teddy Caretta of Lowell Observatory and Matthew Knight of the US Naval Academy with the help of a telescope named SOAR. In a statement, Teddy Kareta said it was amazing to be able to capture such a clear structure in the days following the collision.

Observing how much debris from Dimorphos spread into space will help scientists better determine the surface of this asteroid. In the image taken with the SOAR telescope, the debris of Dermophos is seen spread in the form of a tail on the right edge. At the time the image was taken, astronomers had estimated that the tail was about 10,000 kilometers long.

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