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‘Dare you…’, the person made such a demand to Anand Mahindra, the industrialist’s reply went viral

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Industrialist gave a funny answer to fans’ questionImage Credit source: Social Media

Although celebrities from every field are quite active on social media platforms, there are some Indian businessmen who are known among their followers for their sense of humor apart from motivational and interesting posts. Industrialist Anand Mahindra is one of them. He never misses an opportunity to tickle his followers. Once again he did something similar, when an ex-user made a strange demand from him. On this the industrialist replied that the matter has gone viral.

It so happened that an ex-user publicly demanded Rs 1 lakh from industrialist Mahindra. He told that he wants to buy shares of Mahindra Company with this money. Then what was left. The industrialist also caught the question and gave such a strong answer to the person that he too must be wondering who he messed up with.

What answer did Mahindra give?

While replying to a post of Anand Mahindra, the user from the handle @R41534672X has written, Sir, I need one lakh rupees to buy shares of Mahindra. When the industrialist saw this, he too could not stop himself from replying. He has written, Sirji, what an amazing idea! You should be applauded for your courage. What’s the harm in asking?

People said- look at the guy’s confidence.

This answer of the industrialist has now become a topic of discussion on the internet. People are registering their reactions enthusiastically. The post has received hundreds of likes and views so far. One user has commented, just look at the confidence of the guy. While the other one says, who knows in what mood the other person is and it is better to agree. Another user while enjoying has written, he is talking about giving your money to you only.

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