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Dangerous Radiation coming out of smartphones !, Fear of getting sick increased, stay away from ‘As’

New Delhi: You may have heard of radioactive radiation. Radioactive radiation is very dangerous to humans and can cause great harm. Needless to say. Although there are many types of radiation, radioactive radiation is considered the most dangerous. It can also cause serious illness. It is best to stay away from this radioactive radiation as much as possible. Maybe, some of you may not know but your smartphone also produces radiation. This radiation is low in many smartphones and high in many, and this type of radiation can be dangerous to humans. Due to the increasing use of smartphones nowadays, users sometimes come in direct contact with these radiations and if this happens, the users may suffer.

Today we are going to tell you exactly how you can protect yourself from this radiation. Anti Radiation Smart Phone Cover: There are many types of smartphone covers available in the market today. Some of these come with anti-radiation properties. This means that the radiation cannot get out of the cover of this smartphone and stays in the middle, so this radiation does not reach the users. Such covers are readily available in the market and their price is also the same as a normal smart phone cover. Anti Radiation Smartphone Coating: Nowadays smartphones are being coated in a way that is anti-radiation.

In this process, a film or coating is applied around the smartphone, which prevents radiation and prevents it from reaching the users. Radiation can be very harmful, so the use of this coating is expected to increase in the near future. Users can get an idea of ​​how effective these radiation stopping methods are after using them. Although smartphones have made life easier and simpler, they are still there Radiations Something like this can be dangerous for users. Users need to take proper care in time so that it does not cause any damage.

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