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Dangerous malware created by hackers, targeting Indian soldiers; It works

New Delhi: Indian young man And a new hacking software targeting officials has been unveiled. According to reports, a group of hackers targeting Indian Army personnel and officers CapraRAT One named Malware Is created. With the help of this malware it is possible to hack an Android device. It is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that can steal users’ private information including location, contact number and call history. With the help of this hacking software, hackers can also access the camera and microphone of the user’s phone. With the help of this, private information can be stolen.

Cyber ​​security firm discovers new hack tool Trend Micro Has planted. He provided this information on the basis of data from January 2020 to September 2021. The firm stated that APT36 was found using CapraRAT. The group is also known as Earth Karkaddan, Operation C-Major, PROJECTM, Mythic Leopard and Transparent Tribe. According to reports, CapraRAT is almost identical to the Crimson RAT, which is used to target APT36 Windows devices. The design of both malware is very similar. Like the Crimson RAT, this malware also needs the help of phishing links to infiltrate the target user’s device.

Both malware have many things in common, including function names and commands. For this reason, the firm claims that it is a modified version of the Crimson RAT. According to reports, the malware could be transmitted in the form of fake government documents, honeytrap or corona-related information to reach the target phone. Once downloaded, it requires system permissions like other apps. This software can then steal users’ private information. With the help of this malware, hackers can record users’ phone location, call history, microphone access and audio clips.

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