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‘Dangerous’ asteroid of 3400 feet coming towards the earth at a speed of 50 thousand km / h

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the US space agency NASA has informed about the arrival of an asteroid towards Earth. It is said that a huge asteroid 3,400 feet wide is moving towards the Earth. Right now its speed is 47,196 kilometers per hour. It is estimated that it will be closest to Earth on May 27. Earlier on May 15, researchers had given information about the 1,600 feet wide asteroid. Although he did not come close to the earth. But this report has alerted, because its size is twice the size of the previous asteroid. It is placed in the category of potentially dangerous.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory It has been told that the name of this giant asteroid is 1989 JA. Its size is 3,400 feet i.e. it is 1.8 kilometers wide. It is classified as an asteroid of the Apollo category. To understand it more easily, the asteroid moving towards the earth is twice as big as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

However, there is nothing to be worried too much about. It has been told in the reports that even when this asteroid will be closest to the Earth, the distance between it and the Earth will be 40 lakh 24 thousand 182 kilometers. It is estimated to come close to the Earth on May 27, but this date may change if the speed of the asteroid’s arrival increases. This asteroid of Apollo category is likely to pass safely through the Earth. It is believed that no effect will be seen from this.

Asteroids coming in the Apollo category pass closer to the Earth and their size is also larger. It is believed that in the event of their collision with the Earth, a lot of damage can be done. According to reports, this sight can be seen through binoculars. Again such an incident will be seen in the year 2029.

Earlier in March, an asteroid of about 1.3 km size had passed close to the Earth. This asteroid, named 138971 (2001 CB21), was also considered potentially dangerous. It had passed near the Earth from a distance of 4.5 million.

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