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Danger of colliding with UFO planes! American politician gave ‘idea’ to avoid this, know

UFOs ie ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ remain a mystery to countries around the world. Most of these are discussed in America. The US space agency NASA has also started an investigation, in which it is finding out the reality of the claims related to UFOs. About 143 such cases are under investigation, in which there has been a close encounter between military aircraft and UFO or UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) i.e. unidentified air incidents. But a US lawmaker is not satisfied with the progress of the investigation. US Congressman Tim Burchett has said that this investigation needs to be intensified. He said, before any plane collides with a UFO on Earth, the investigation should be intensified. He warned that something like this would happen, but by when it is not certain.

Tim, 57, has called on the US government to make public all records of UFO sightings and Top Gun pilots. Daily Star Key Report According to the report, Tim expressed his disappointment that the investigation has been slow in the 144 cases reported since 2004.

He claimed that the lack of transparency in the search for truth is causing trouble. This is not only unfair to the public but could put the safety of our pilots at risk. He said that many military pilots have reported about the approaching UAP. He said that in one case the aircraft had come very close to colliding with a UAP.

He said that despite these warnings and reports, a standard reporting structure was not created till the year 2019. He said that our government has been surprisingly silent on the subject for decades, despite several reports. Significantly, earlier this year the US Congress held its first hearing on UFOs. In the hearing, a video created a lot of buzz, which was shot by a military aircraft. The UFO was visible in the video. That object briefly flew towards the Pacific Ocean and then disappeared beneath the surface of the ocean.

After this, in June, NASA announced that it was forming a team to investigate an ‘unknown air phenomenon’. The team will spend nine months examining the evidence before preparing its report.

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