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Dad! This app is stealing your Facebook data, if it is in the phone, delete it immediately, otherwise there will be loss

New Delhi: Hacking has increased in recent times. Hackers Users gain access to the device in a wrong way and steal their important information. It often includes personal and banking details. According to a recent report, some apps in the phone are said to be stealing users’ data. Nowadays many mobile apps are available for photo-editing, banking, social media, shopping and they are also widely used by the users. However, many times hackers take advantage of this and try to defraud. Scammers try to install Malicious Apps apps on the target device. As a result, users’ devices are hacked and their data is more likely to be misused.

Users are aware that after installing these Malicious Apps on the target device, scammers gain access to private data such as users’ videos and login credentials. In addition, there are reports from time to time about such apps. Now, once again, there is a new report on malware. According to reports, the Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools app is stealing users’ Facebook login details. Note that this app can be used for scamming. After the app asks users for their login ID and password, it redirects the user to a server in Russia. Where he gets private and confidential information like credit card information, messages, searches. Although Google has deleted the app, it is said to have targeted thousands of users.

If you also have this app installed, you will need to uninstall it immediately. The main thing is that just deleting these apps from Android phone is not enough. After that you will also need to change the Facebook login details. According to Google, this app has been installed over 100,000 times. Not only that, this app is still considered to be used by users. If you want to protect your device from such dangerous apps, you need to continue using Google Play Protect. Also, installing the app from any third party location should be avoided. Ignoring these things, these dangerous apps can steal your important data and even do you great harm.

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