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Dad! Blast again in this company’s smartphone, if you are also using ‘this’ phone, then see the details

New Delhi: Smartphone blasts are no longer new, but smartphones from many reputable companies have also exploded. A similar incident is now being discussed on social media. Including during a phone call OnePlus Nord 2 The unit is alleged to have exploded, injuring the user. According to kslakshayvrm’s Twitter post, parts of the smartphone were damaged after the blast. Also, it hurt his brother’s hand and face. The user said that the incident happened when his brother was on a phone call on OnePlus Nord 2. The company also responded to the Twitter post by saying it was investigating the matter.

One user shared a video on the Twitter platform. Featuring a damaged smartphone, the phone is claimed to be OnePlus Nord 2. The video also shows screens and smoke from a damaged smartphone. The exact reason behind the explosion is not yet understood as the video was shot after the incident. So, on the other hand, OnePlus has not yet responded to tweets or social media channels.

There have been several blasts in the OnePlus Nord 2 before. Devices that surfaced on social media soon after launch. The OnePlus Nord 2 exploded in September 2021, and the user filed a lawsuit against the company and Amazon. The smartphone was purchased 10 days before the alleged incident. The user claimed that the OnePlus Nord 2 5G smartphone was in his coat pocket at the time of the explosion. The user said that he was injured and his clothes were also damaged.

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Photo – Twitter / @lakshayvrm

The incident took place in September 2021 in Bangalore. However, OnePlus had clarified that the explosion was due to a separate incident related to external factors. OnePlus Nord 2 based on MediaTek Dimension 1200 SoC was launched in India on July 1, 2021.


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