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Cyber ​​Crime: Take a lesson from 669 million users, check like this whether you have also become a victim of Data Leak

Cyberabad Police has arrested a person in connection with data theft of 66.9 crore users. Data leaks on such a large scale have blown everyone’s senses. Here we are telling you some ways so that you can check whether your data is leaked or not.

Recently, India’s biggest ever data theft case has come to the fore. Cyberabad Police of Telangana has registered with 66.9 crore users. data leak exposed. In this case, a person has been arrested who allegedly stole the data of users from 24 states and 8 metros. If seen, the data of almost half of the country’s population has been leaked.

In such a situation, everyone wants to know whether their information has also been leaked. If you also think like this then there are some ways by which it can be detected whether our data is leaked or not. If you are worried about leaking email id or mobile number, you can check with the methods mentioned here.

Check your data like this

Users can check whether their data has been stolen by visiting the CyberNews website. According to reports, this website claims that it has a 500GB database of leaked emails. Let us see how to check the details of data leak.

Follow these steps.

  • Open the CyberNews website.
  • Enter email id or phone number in the search field.
  • Now click on Check Now.
  • After this see the search result.

The search result shows whether your personal information has been stolen or not. If the data has been stolen, then the result will also give information about hacking attack, cyber breach etc. Change your password immediately if your email id is hacked. Do keep this in mind.

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