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Cyber ​​crime is a big challenge for the future, these things will help in dealing with it

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Two-day Future Crime Summit 2024 organized in Delhi to make people aware about cyber crime

In the world of technology, cyber crime has become a big challenge for the future. To deal with this, till now the help of foreign forensic labs was taken in the country, but under Self-reliant India and Make in India, now forensic labs have been prepared in the country to investigate cyber crimes.

To make people aware about cyber crime, a two-day Future Crime Summit 2024 was organized in Delhi. It is being organized by Future Crime Research Foundation and AIIDE COe of IIT Kanpur. Cyber ​​experts from across the country, many senior officials of government agencies, cyber law experts, ethical hackers were present in this program.

Experts who participated in the Future Crime Summit 2024 said these things

Nripul Rai, CEO, ProDiscover said- Government agencies take the help of our software company. Like crimes related to crypto currency or cyber fraud, such cases can be solved only with the help of software. Therefore, technology companies, government agencies and legal experts were all involved in this summit, because everyone works together. We are a Make in India company, so we know the things here better.

Shailendra Vikram Singh, former cyber security officer of the Home Ministry, said – Technology has both advantages and disadvantages, but the way cyber crimes have increased, it is challenging to build trust in it. Sanjay Kumar, ACP Cyber ​​​​Crime in Delhi Police, told how the crime is committed through fraud calls through Telegram app.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Santosh Khadsare of eSec Forte Technologies said – The agency also seeks help from our company for matters related to cyber security. We work for everyone, government and private.

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