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Cyber ​​attacks on websites of Ukraine’s army, defense ministry and banks, Russia suspects

The whole world is shocked by the fear of conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials have reported that the websites of the Ukrainian military, the defense ministry and major banks were hit by several cyber attacks on Tuesday. However, these attacks were not of a large scale. This did not cause much trouble. It affected at least 10 Ukrainian websites, including the country’s defence, foreign and culture ministries and Ukraine’s two largest state-run banks, according to a news agency report. These websites became unreachable. Usually in such cyber attacks, websites become inaccessible due to large number of junk data packets being sent.

Ukraine’s top cyber defense official, Viktor Zora, said there was no information on those responsible for the attack. He said that our emergency response teams were working to kill the attackers and restore services.

The cyber attack caused problems with online payments to customers of Ukraine’s largest bank – Privatbank and state-owned Sberbank. Banks apps were also not working properly.

Doug Madori, director of internet analysis at network management firm Kentik Inc., said the attackers were targeted by the Ukrainian military and PrivetBank’s hosting provider.

Ukraine’s Cyber ​​Defense has said there is no threat to depositors’ funds. The attack also did not affect the communications of the military forces of Ukraine. It is too early to say who was behind the attack.

However, the Ukrainian ministry has suspected Russia’s hand behind the attack. It is said that perhaps the attacker made a strategy to do little mischief, because his aggressive plans are not working properly. In cyber attacks it is usually difficult to make accusations immediately, as attackers try to hide their tracks. Ukraine has also said to do an analysis in this matter.

Ole Derevyanko, a leading expert in the private sector, has said that Ukrainians are always concerned that such cyber-attacks could be even more frightening. However, the fears of Russia’s attack on Ukraine have diminished slightly. Russia signaled on Tuesday that it was withdrawing. However, Western countries have demanded to give evidence in this regard.

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