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Cyber ​​attack on Ukraine by ‘this’ malware from Russia, is very dangerous; Learn how it works?

New Delhi: Russia By Ukraine On Special military operation Has started. More than 100 people have been killed in the first day of the war. However, this war is being waged not only by arms but also in the world of internet. According to reports, a major cyber attack has been launched on Ukraine. Several Ukrainian government websites have been hacked. Wiper The attack is said to have been carried out by malware. Data stored in any system can be permanently deleted by Wiper malware. That is, data recovery is not possible again. Also, reports say that some hacking tools were created a few days ago.

Cyber ​​attacks are being carried out using these tools. It may take time to develop a counter-attack software for this malware. Which hackers are taking advantage of. Wiper Malware Can delete all data in the infected system. The most dangerous thing is that this data cannot be recovered. That is, once deleted data will not be retrieved. Unlike other public malware, it is not used to steal money or control the system. The purpose of wiper malware is to completely destroy the system. Therefore, Wiper malware is used in times of war.

How does Wiper target malware?

The biggest reason behind using Wiper malware is to destroy evidence. That is, anyone who uses it does not want to be exposed. According to reports, Russia is carrying out cyber attacks on Ukraine using this malware. Russia has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once. Wiper is capable of attacking system recovery tools. Malware targets the system by taking advantage of human error or cyber hygiene error. To prevent this, security experts recommend not downloading any suspicious files or software.


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