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Cyber ​​Alert: Government’s warning to internet users, if you run this browser, your bank account may be wiped out!

CERT-IN Advisory: Government of India has issued a security warning regarding Firefox browser. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) has found many flaws in Firefox which can be very dangerous for people. Hackers can take advantage of these flaws and steal users’ details.

Browser is used to access the internet. There are many internet browsers in the market which include names like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. If you use Firefox among these, then you need to be careful. The Government of India has issued a big warning regarding Firefox. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) has detected many bugs in this browser. People who use it can become victims of cyber attacks.

CERT-IN, the cyber security agency of the Government of India, has issued a strict warning for users using Firefox in India. CERT-IN said that many flaws have been found in Firefox due to which cyber attackers can trap people. By taking advantage of these shortcomings, cyber attacks can be carried out on people.

CERT-IN gave warning

According to the CERT-IN website, many threats have been detected in Mozilla’s products which allow remote cyber attackers to perform hacking. There is a danger of people’s devices being attacked by bypassing security restrictions.

There is a possibility of cyber threats on versions before Firefox 124 and Firefox ESR 115.9 version. Apart from this, versions before Mozilla Thunderbird version 115.9 are also at risk.

According to CERT-IN, these flaws in Mozilla’s browser have come due to Windows Error Reporter. Because of these, hackers have got the opportunity to target users through Mozilla Firefox. People running Firefox can become victims of cyber attacks.

Hackers can control your system through any suspicious website or code. If this happens then your private information may get into their hands. Cyber ​​attack can also cause system crash. If email, password and such personal information is leaked then the bank account can also be at risk.

You will have to take necessary steps to avoid possible cyber attacks.

  • To avoid Firefox errors, first update the Firefox browser.
  • Keep automatic updates running to ensure timely protection.
  • Apart from this you can install anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Tips to avoid cyber attack

To avoid cyber attacks, we should be careful while online.

  • Caution should be exercised when clicking on a link, downloading a file, or entering sensitive information online.
  • Do not open suspicious or unverified emails or click on any such links.
  • To avoid dangerous websites, verify their authenticity.
  • Stay informed about cybersecurity risks through trusted sources like official browser websites, cybersecurity agencies, and news outlets.

Complain about cyber attack

The biggest danger of cyber attack is that criminals can commit banking fraud by taking personal information. Every day, many cases of cyber crime come to light in which people are cheated online. Therefore, it is very important to keep your online presence secure. Apart from this, you should also be careful about your personal information on the internet.

If you feel that any suspicious cyber activity is taking place or someone has committed cyber fraud on you , then report it immediately. You can lodge a complaint by visiting the cyber crime portal (


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