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Customer fortunes open in Big Billion Days, iPhone 13 booked, iPhone 14 delivered


Flipkart recently hosted the Big Billion Days Sale.
In this cell, the company sold the iPhone 13 at a price of up to Rs 50,000.
During this, Flipkart delivered the iPhone 14 to a customer instead of the iPhone 13.

New Delhi. Recently, Flipkart hosted the Big Billion Days Sale, where the company gave great discounts on the iPhone 13. The phone was sold in the cell at a price of up to Rs 50,000. Due to this great offer being available in the sale, people fiercely bought the iPhone 13. Due to getting more, Flipkart had to cancel the order. Recently, Flipkart has come under the target of its users for canceling orders.

Many users took out their anger on Twitter for not getting the product from Flipkart. Not only this, #doglaflipkart started trending on Twitter. During this, many users accused Flipkart of not fulfilling their promise during the sale. However, in the midst of all this, the luck of a customer shone when he was delivered the latest iPhone 14 instead of the iPhone 13.

Screenshot of order retail box uploaded
Actually, a user posted on his Twitter that one of his followers has been delivered an iPhone 14 instead of an iPhone 13. He ordered the iPhone 13 from Flipkart. The user has also uploaded screenshots of the alleged order and retail box, which verifies the labeling of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 13 Ordered
Looking at the screenshot, it seems that the user had ordered the iPhone 13 launched in 2021 and paid Rs 49,019 for it. However, Flipkart sent him the latest iPhone 14. At present, Flipkart has not commented on the matter.

Users are giving feedback on Twitter
People are shocked by this incident and are reacting fiercely. While many are expressing disappointment over the cancellation of orders for the iPhone 13, some users believe that the person receiving the iPhone 14 should return the device and take it since he had ordered the iPhone 13.

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