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Customer drags Tesla to court for not getting self-driving car

US electric car maker Tesla has been sued for not providing an autonomous driving system in the car. The lawsuit, filed by a customer, states that he had bought Tesla’s Model X and paid the company extra money for driver assistance software. However, the company has not made available the full self-driving feature mentioned in the advertisement. The company was last month allowed by a German court to continue advertising autopilot and autonomous driving features.

Bloomberg’s Report In this case, a California customer has claimed that Tesla had given false and misleading information about its autonomous driving system. he said that Tesla And its CEO Elon Musk has been promising to provide self-driving vehicles for nearly six years. “These promises have consistently been proven false. Tesla and Musk make such promises in order to gain media attention and become a major player in the fast-growing electric vehicle market,” the legal case states.

Earlier this month the California state’s transportation regulator accused the company of falsely advertising its autopilot and self-driving features. The safety features of the company’s electric car have been questioned many times. Recently, a video was shared on Twitter with the claim that a Tesla while running in self-driving mode climbed on top of a child-sized effigy during the test. The test was done by safety campaign group Dawn Project. In this the full self-driving beta software failed to detect stationary dummies on the road.

About two months ago a man died in an accident with a Tesla Model 3 car. This car was running on autopilot system. A bike rider was killed in this accident in the US state of Utah. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had said that a special investigation has been started into the accident. The driver of this car said that he had put the car on autopilot setting and he did not see the bike.

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